Tips and Tricks

Heed these tips and you're well on your way to extending the life of your Volvo and improving its overall performance - especially gas mileage and emissions.

Tip #1:Remeber winter is coming. If you own an 850/S/V70 models 93-2000, keep in mind if you start your car from a cold start, let it run for a few minutes before shutting it off. Sometimes, due to the rich mixture of fuel in the cylinders on a cold start, it can cause the vehicle to "flood out" causing a no start condition. By allowing the vehicle to run for a few minutes, the excess gas is burned out from the cylinders allowing for a normal restart. This is a good reminder for those who start, move, then shut their car off quickly in the cold weather.

Tip #2: For all those S60 and S80 drivers out there, remember if you can't open your trunk suddenly, check to make sure you didn't bump the valet lock button in front of your gear shift handle.  It's the button with the key inside a trunk symbol. If this doesn't work, then I guess you need to call us.